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This document contains the update of the smart specialisation strategy of Navarre (Moderna Plan) 6 years after its approval in June 2010 in accordance with a set of improvement criteria and adaptation to current reality, in each of the relevant areas of the plan: Diagnosis The existing diagnosis with data from the 2000-2007 period has been updated and includes the new feature of a comparison with other European regions that above all seeks aspects of specialisation. Governance The new proposal divides the functions of governance and participation in the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Navarre into three working areas: a broad platform for participation, a public coordination committee and a steering committee; and integrates the technical office of the Moderna Foundation into the regional economic development agency, Sodena. Strategic priorities The update limits the number of priorities selected and guides the strategy towards a more industrial profile, based on the existence of a manufacturing sector that encompasses almost 30% of the regional VAB, and in the areas where more technological specialisation is observed.

For the first time the Strategy links a number of public instruments and plans of the economic development area of the Goverment of Navarre to bringing about the objectives set out in the strategy, furthering alignment of the call for grants and incentives; which include the first call for clusters support in 2016, to develop the prioritised economic areas through the logic of collaboration between companies. Tracking and monitoring model The tracking and monitoring model, which partly follows the macro structure and objectives established in 2010, adapts many of the indicators selected at the time to the sources that are really available and to the needs observed in the diagnosis, and adds the new feature of ongoing tracking of sectorial specialisation of the economy and its territorial deployment. The updating process was carried out from December 2015 to October 2016. The meetings of the working bodies (twelve in total) were held simultaneously and were complemented with encounters with smaller groups, specialists and voluntary participants that focused on different areas of the diagnosis and strategy.





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