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Political ecology: promoting better environmental policy


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Enhanced knowledge and understanding of political ecology should help EU governments achieve better, forward-looking and more sustainable management of their environment. An EU-funded network is training the next generation of researchers in this emerging field of social science.

Political ecology investigates the ways in which power influences how humans and societies deal with environmental challenges. The EU-funded project ENTITLE was established to respond to the growing relevance, interest in, and importance of this emerging area of social science.

“International action on climate change is almost always slow-moving and inefficient. This is because powerful political actors are too often unwilling to take action that could risk weakening their economies or their position in international geopolitics,” says ENTITLE’s project coordinator Giorgos Kallis of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain. Power plays a role in virtually all situations where decisions affecting the environment are taken.”

Kallis believes that it is crucial for people to have a better understanding of this role if they are to attempt to bring about environmental change themselves to create a more sustainable future.

The ENTITLE project has published 19 action briefs targeting civil society organisations, 11 policy briefs with policy recommendations for decision-makers, and a manual explaining complex political ecology concepts and theories aimed at informing civil society actors.

Spin-off and follow-up activities, including the creation of a political ecology network, blog, journal and collective, aim to ensure continuity of the project’s impact and results, and are testimony to the advances ENTITLE has already made in the field of political ecology.

“The impact of ENTITLE’s research will help transform policy and public perceptions about environmental challenges in ways that will contribute to a common sustainable future for the world,” Kallis says.

GROW your REGIOn conference: Boosting smart interregional collaboration through clusters


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The 2d edition of the 'Grow your region' conference will take place in Valencia, Spain and is co-organised by the European Commission's Directorate-Generals for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and for Regional and Urban Policy, in cooperation with the Valencia Regional Authority.

Lessons will be drawn on how smart specialisation strategies were used and how clusters have supported growth in Europe's regions.

The conference is an opportunity to:

  • share your smart specialisation and cluster experience and practices
  • exchange ideas about future actions for smart interregional collaboration
  • learn about novel ways of supporting innovation and accelerating industrial modernisation and SME growth.


Programas de Trabajo H2020 para los años 2018-2020

Los programas de trabajo ya están publicados. Están accesibles a través de los documentos de las convocatorias, pero todavía no los han colgado en el apartado habitual de documentos 

Los programas de trabajo ya están publicados. Están accesibles a través de los documentos de las convocatorias, pero todavía no los han colgado en el apartado habitual de documentos